The Candle No. 7 ~ The Candle of Soul’s Mission



8 oz. I Approximately 50 hours burn time

No.7’s aroma is for cleansing/purifying your spirit and home, prayer, meditation, affrimations, mental clarity, relaxation, and concentration.

No. 7’s capitivating fragrance of tea tree oil, eucalyptus, palo santo and sage will have you in a trance to receive messaging from source and your inner knowing! It’s whispering wick will heighten your sensitivity and awareness to self. This beautiful candle is topped with clear quartz for the energy of mental clarity and focus. While the eucalyptus leaves add extra fragrance and beauty!

Cleanse and clear your mind
Keep you engaged and focused
Cleanse your home from negativity and increase positivite energy
Allow hot wax to cool a bit and use melted wax as a massage oil for the body.

Key Ingredients

Palo Santo & Sage

Benefits ~ Cleanses your home and spirit. Clears negative energy and fills your space with good vibes.


Benefits ~ Promotes relaxation, decreases pain, relieves congestion, increases Theta and Alpha brainwaves spectra.

Tea Tree

Benefits ~ Stimulates memory, perceptions and cognitive thinking process,

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs


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